Strategic design and marketing for B2B

Companies we've helped our clients to engage with

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How can Cambray help your company?

With our help, you can develop a stronger, better positioned brand and more effective marketing and sales collateral to improve customer experience and acquisition.

When you work with us you gain access to a professional team of experts with years of B2B brand, strategy and marketing knowledge.

Who do we work with?

The companies we work with often have complex service offerings targeting a niche audience or a disruptive product in an emerging or changing marketplace.

Typically they need help with improving the inital experiences they deliver to their customers. We help to distil their service offering and communicate the value they deliver to their target customers through digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

If you feel you are unable to communicate the value you deliver, or need to drive new customer acquisition, we can help you.

Why choose to work with us?

Our clients choose us for our blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and expert knowledge.

Our aim is to deeply understand your market and customers to uniquely position and differentiate your brand and services from competitor offerings.

Through development of global, and service specific value propositions we create a strong foundation for effective marketing communications.

We develop highly persuasive visual mesaging marketing materials aligned to your target customer's wants and needs, clearly articulating how your service delivers value.

We then identify the best marketing channels to engage with your target customers and quantify the opportunity and the projected return.

Every design and marketing activity implemented is data driven, measured and performance benchmarked. 

By integrating the latest technology we enable you to do more with your existing resources and prove ROI on campaigns in both digital and traditional spaces.